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Second Fridays – Responding To Rhythms

11 Nov 2022 - 2 Dec 2022

Responding to Rhythms:
2022 Chicago Sculpture International Juried Exhibition

November 11 – December 2, 2022

Juried Exhibition by Chicago Sculpture International
Music by Joe Rauen

The Beverly Art Center invited all current members of Chicago Sculpture International to submit work for a November Exhibition titled Responding to Rhythms. Members were encouraged to interpret the theme directly or indirectly. Work was be selected for exhibition at the Beverly Arts Center’s Simmerling Art Gallery by Professor Nathan Peck.

Responding to Rhythms – Curator Prompts
The music that I choose to have in my studio has always impacted the things that I create. When I was in school the first one in the studio after dinner got to choose the music for the night. I learned quickly how significant the role of music was in my creative production. I make entirely different work with speed metal than with smooth jazz.

In Grad school I shared a studio with a stone carver. The consistent tap of his hammer and chisel created a background beat for the studio. As I was sanding my wooden sculpture I would often slide into a rhythm with that tapping. It was the rhythm of the room.

Rhythms are just repeated patterns in motion or sound.

How do rhythms drive your creativity?
How do these patterns express themselves in your forms?
How is your work responding to rhythms?
– Nathan Peck

About the Curator / Juror:
Professor Nathan Peck, MFA
Nathan has taught sculpture and multimedia courses at Saint Xavier University for over 20 years. His works, built from recycled materials and obsolete technology, often explore the interplay of object and sound.

Chicago Sculpture International

Music by Joe Rauen

Participating Artists:
Bethany Cordero
Carol Hammerman
Chris Wubbena
Doug DeWitt
Gina Lee Robbins
Gwen Yen Chiu
John Upchurch
Kara Johnson
Katherine Nemanich
Laurie LeBreton
Lisa Nelson Raabe
Lynn Basa
Nancy VanKanegan
Nicole Beck
Olga Salimova
Plamen Yordanov
Scott Mossman
Shelley Gilchrist
Thomas Plum
Tomas Co
Victoria Fuller

Yvette Kaiser Smith


11 Nov 2022
2 Dec 2022
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